Working Together For A More Sustainable Future.

We all know that in life we sometimes have to work with a wide range of different people with a range of different points of view and skills, this can be a challenge but also a great opportunity to create some really creative and original work. This is a really important skill to have in environmental science as in order to tackle the huge environmental problems that face us today we will need to work with lots of different types of people in lots of different areas even cultures and countries.

As Mother Theresa once famously said…

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”

So recently we were tasked with working closely with graphic design students, a subject quite different to ours, in order to produce a graphical output influenced by science. More specifically influenced by the UN sustainable development goals.

Sustainable Development Goals
The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

What are the sustainable development goals?

The sustainable development goals are a set of 17 large goals the UN has set for everyone to achieve within the next 15 years, the picture above shows the 17 Goals. It is hoped that these goals will be reached by 2030. Each country is required to create a framework by which they hope to achieve these goals with, however achieving these goals is not legally binding.

Our Project

So, our team were given the goals 8, decent work and economic growth and 14, life below water. We decided to cover sustainable fishing in Plymouth as we felt this topic covered both.

Our team consisted of 4 Environmental Science students and 2 Graphics students. Our job was to provide the scientific backbone of the graphical output. What was produced was really cool, one of the graphic designers designed a parody menu aimed at consumers in order to educate them on how to consume fish more sustainably, namely how to take the pressure off the top 5 fish. It also included some great fishy puns! The other output was a photobook showing a fishing trip. Plymouth has a company that takes people out on fishing trips, they can keep the fish that they catch but any excess fish is taken back and used in the Boathouse café so that there is no fish waste which is a huge issue in the fishing industry.

Both of these projects were presented in front of the public. All groups’ work were presented to the public and it was great having a wander round looking at everyone else’s ideas.


I really enjoyed this collaboration overall and I think that the pieces of work that the graphics students produced were fantastic. However, I did feel that the task that was set did not necessarily lend itself to us working fully together as a team, it didn’t feel as though we were necessarily working towards the same goal, and maybe it would have made it better if a smaller group of us were researching for one graphic’s student, or that the two graphics students were working together to produce the same piece of work instead of individual pieces.



Poke, D., 2010 Inspirational People- Mother Teresa. Available: (accessed: 1 December 2017).

United Nations, no date. The Sustainable Development Agenda. Available: (accessed: 1 December 2017).


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